Andrea Camara Cortez aka Amythass aka $camaraandreaa aka andrea_camara_

I got contacted by Andrea Camara Cortez who claims to be a “working girl” who has recently left the industry and went to a comedy club as server/ bar tender, I was mostly interested in meeting up to see if we can take a trip together as travel partner. She wanted $200 paper cash to met up, we met up in person at Sixty Vines in Dallas on Nov 9th 2021 and she initially told me she was from Brownsville, Texas and had a US passport and could travel internationally and all that… but then when we got to talking about a bit more of the logistical details turns out her US passport is expired…(or so she claims) so she wanted $300 upfront via Cashapp $camaraandreaa for me to help her with renewing her US passport… but later it turns out after our lunch date and I went home and sent her the $300 upfront that night, she then tells me that she doesn’t even have the expired passport with her… (without that, the only option to renew would be to show up in person with the original copy of US birth certificate) so I ask her if she has an original US birth certificate on-hand and she initially says yes and she initially agreed to bring a copy of it when we would meet up again on Saturday (Nov 13th) to discuss the details of the planned trip together….(as it later turned out, she completely ghosted and disappeared on me without a word and without refunding me for the upfront passport application fee that I had paid on her behalf)

I did a lot of research with regards to vaccination info, passport photo places, US passport agency places, etc and compiled all of this for her in a long detailed email and sent her a ton of info to her email address to which she never responds back, even though she admitted when asked via SMS that she did indeed get my email. Then I text her again ( 469-888-1119 ) to state that she should start by calling some of the passport agencies ahead of time to slot in appointments etc to which she replies that she is busy at the gym but will get to it later… from that moment on I don’t hear from her again… she certainly never kept me apprised of what, if anything, she did in terms of moving forward with the passport application process.

Then on the morning we were supposed to meet up at the mall (at noon sharp) to get the details sorted out she does a no-show, I went to the mall and was there for more than an hour but she never showed up, she never emailed me, she never even texted me to let me know she wasn’t coming… but I did saw that all that time she was active “green status” indicating she was indeed actively online on the WhatsYourPrice website… however she never bothered to write me back on the WYP site either….

So I drive back home and then suddenly see that her profile suddenly disappeared ( ) and she couldn’t be found anymore on the WYP site at all… that was another huge red flag….

Now I’m out $300 (not the mention the first $200 cash I originally gave her and the $65 we spent at Sixty Vines for lunch) and she disappeared on me…without a trace, without even giving me the courtesy of notifying me that she was no longer interested in going on a trip with me etc….. and without offering to return the passport application fee that I had sponsored her upfront or at least provide proof to me that she had actually used it to apply for a passport even if she decided not to go on a trip with me etc.

Turns out when I walked her to her car on the first date she also lied to me about her car, (saying she worked very hard for it etc) and it wasn’t even hers and was registered to an very old guy (Texas plates TX CDB-3836 and VIN: 1VWAP7A37DC025061 2013 VOLKSWAGEN, PASSAT S, 4 DOOR SEDAN, SILVER ) that she was probably also using as sugardaddy to scam him for money and even use his car…

She finally wrote back after I contacted her again with the information stating I was going to sue her for if she didn’t refund me the $300 that was meant for her to get US passport so we can go on trip as travel partner together, then she refuses to refund me and turns it around and accuses me of somehow scamming her and then never responds back ever again…

She tells me that she is in contact with her lawyer, for me to go ahead and sue her, and that it was illegal for me to audio record our meeting without her knowledge/consent. But the State of Texas is a one-party consent state and we met up in a public place and so no consent from her was needed for me to audio record our encounter, and had she actually talked to a real lawyer I’m sure she would have been made aware of the affirmation defense under the relevant section of the Texas Penal Code.

Bo: Lets say you agree to it right, pretend you agree to it… Just from a logistical standpoint if we were to go somewhere international, you would need a passport right… so I pay for your passport renewal….

Bo: It took about six weeks on the expediated route, because if you just do the normal one its slightly cheaper but it takes too long and its not going to be in time….So I can pay that, whether or not you eventually agree to go with me, you get a free passport renewal. I mean you can’t say no to that right?

Bo: So if you want to do that this weekend, you know, I can even pay you upfront and you send me the reciept to prove that you did it, you have cashapp or venmo? I didn’t bring extra cash….

Andrea: yeah, cashapp

Andrea: yeah, cashapp and venmo works, I mean you… you’re fun and I like talking to you and your uh I feel like you would me, we would make good company together, so I wouldn’t mind traveling with you….

Instead of apologizing for her no-text, no-call and no-show that caused me to waste time to drive from Arlington all the way to North Dallas just to get stood up, Andrea accuses me of scamming her, stating that she felt that I didn’t “confirm for today” when in point of fact we had both already confirmed for Saturday back on Tuesday and nothing had happened since then that would have suggested anything changed on her end… and certainly I never expressed anything to the sort that I wasn’t going to show up or that I canceled etc….Fact of the matter is, I showed up as we had agreed but she did NOT.

Furthermore, how is she the one that is getting scammed when as a matter of fact it was me that send her another $300 upfront money for a passport application that she promised would do but never bothered to even follow through, this on top of the fact she already got paid $200 and a nice meal at Sixty Vines just a couple days ago… I’m already out $500+ plus the cost of lunch and yet she is the one feeling like she got scammed? I mean wtf?!?!

Instead of sending me back the $300 when it became obvious she never even used it to apply for the US passport and especially when she also later voiced to me after-the-fact that she didn’t feel comfortable taking a trip with me anymore (after she got the money upfront) she tells me to just “sue her”… In addition, she provides no explanation for why she didn’t apply for the passport and why she also couldn’t just simply return that money back to me. This is not the behavior and characteristic of a honest individual nor a good woman. If she later felt “uncomfortable” to go through with not only the trip with me and but also even with applying for the passport (for herself if not for me, etc) then the very LEAST she could and should do would be to refund me the monies that I had specifically sent her for the narrowly tailored purpose of using it to apply for the passport! While I did tell her that my paying for her passport application process was not ultimately contingent upon her final decision of taking the trip with me, she was very well aware that the $300 was to be used only towards her application of a passport and was otherwise not “free money” to spend however she wished, and the condition of her accepting that upfront money was that she was to send me a receipt or otherwise a document of proof that the money was actually spent on the designated purpose. She failed to satisfy any and all of the above pre-conditions of accepting the upfront monies. Any halfway decent or honest person would have volunteered to return the money but instead Andrea refused to give me back the money that she accepted based on my offer to her which was given based upon and relying on a set of fraudulent pretenses that she presented to me…  Instead of apologizing, instead of offering even the mere semblance of an explanation, instead of doing the right and noble thing and simply giving me my money back, Andrea retorts that I should just go ahead and “sue her“… This is proof positive of her lack of character and deprived moral fiber and indictive of guilt, or at least guilt that can be permissibly inferred given the totality of the evidence against her…. Any decent woman would have automatically returned this money when she realized she either was no longer interested in going or for any reason(s) she could not apply for the passport — and would have returned the money even without me asking. Obviously Andrea is not one such a woman, and that is an understatement.

Analysis of the Andrea situation and her allegation that she was “scared off/ scared away”…

So she (Andrea) said that I “scared her off” or “scared her away”, but after a careful analysis of everything that happened, I’ve come to a very different conclusion… I conclude that no matter what I did or did not do, Andrea would never have gone all the way through with the visit to Spain as travel partners anyway and that she never really had any intention to follow through. I also conclude that very likely she was enticed by the free/easy money, and was always going to eventually come up with some excuse or another for why she couldn’t or didn’t want to go through with it.

Initially we met on Tuesday Nov 9th at Sixty Vines in downtown Dallas for lunch around noon.

We spent exactly 48 minutes together at lunch, every word of our conservation recorded and uploaded here:

During our entire conversation (anyone can listen to it as I uploaded it to soundcloud publically) I never pranked her, never joked around, never asked any personal questions and never said anything that could be considered by any reasonable person to make any girl scared, or uncomfortable etc….

After we met at SixtyVines and left after lunch, our entire conversation after that was completely through text message exchanges. We never talked on the phone, we never messaged on the WhatsYourPrice website again, and we never exchanged conversations via email. (I had sent her passport location information that I looked up via email but it was not a two-way conversation etc) So everything that happened after that lunch date was contained within these text messages.

Here is a scrolling screenshots of our entire text/sms chat conversation history… After we met at SixtyVines and left after lunch, our entire conversation after that was completely through text message exchanges. We never talked on the phone, we never messaged on the WhatsYourPrice website again, and we never exchanged conversations via email. (I had sent her passport location information that I looked up via email but it was not a two-way conversation etc) So everything that happened after that lunch date was contained within these text messages.

After we met that day she texted me stating that she definitely was interested in meeting up again and that she would love to meet up Saturday. She then immediately followed up with a screenshot of her Cashapp account, indicating she was cool with getting paid upfront in order to apply for a renewal of her expired US passport….

We agreed to Galleria mall Saturday at noon at the MiCocina restaurant and then I asked for her email, which she provided. And I reminded her to schedule a vaccination for next week (since she stated at lunch she had not gotten any vaccinations for COVID yet)

I was trying to find out the nearest Passport agency centers so I asked for her zip code (not the address, but just the zip) to which she provides me. I then ask what age she was when the passport expired, because it makes a difference during the application progress whether or not she was 16 or younger/older when it expires and it would be helpful to know that information…

She then tells me she does NOT have her expired passport physically with her. That means in order to renew for a passport she must apply in-person physically at a Passport agency center AND she must also have the original physical US birth certificate on hand… So I ask her if she has it physically with her, to which she replies yes she does… So I ask her again is it the original copy, to which she replies it is indeed the original birth certificate.

Knowing this process could be complicated, I offered to help her fill out forms if needed at the mall when we met up Saturday, and I asked if she could bring a photocopy of her birth certificate with her to the mall just in case. She said yes she would do that. She also said she already made her vax appointment for tomorrow. (Wednesday Nov 10th 2021) 

I gave her my cashapp ID, but then she told me it didn’t let her request money from me. So I directly sent her the $300 via cashapp initiated from my side.

Then I asked her if I could ask her a personal question, to which she responded back “Definitely“…

Then I said that if it was too personal she didn’t have to answer, but otherwise I was curious to know when was the last time she was with a guy, to which she said it was June. Being that she put herself online on a date bidding website like WhatsYourprice etc I didn’t feel this question was out of line, it’s not like we had met up on ChristianMingle or anything and that she was a virgin who was saving herself for marriage or anything like that. She never indicated to me that the question made her uneasy or uncomfortable, had she indicated as such I would have backed off the line of discussion…

I asked her if she could hold off on it while we were talking/getting to know one another/planning a trip together, to which she simply said : “I can”…..

I ask her if she was for real, to which she replied she wasn’t seeing any guys like that and could hold off etc…

Then I sent her some pictures of Valencia which she thought was cool and we got to discussing a bit about art… she said eventually she wanted to be an art teacher, and then I shared three short video clips of mine with her:

I sent these video links to her that night at 9:32PM, but exactly one minute later at merely 9:33PM she responds back saying its cool but that it was kinda “scary” at the same time. That was the very first time she used the word “scary” in all of our conversations together to describe anything. The videos were all about flight simulation, each of them were at least ten minutes long, and there was nothing inappropriate or unreasonable at all, and there was nothing “scary” in any of the video clips… I thought it was weird that she would use the word “scary” to describe these videos but didn’t think too much about it at the time.

One doesn’t have to be a linguistic analyst to notice something already strangely weird going on with Andrea here… Notice the timestamps between when I first sent her the vimeo links and when she replied back commenting on them… one single minute (60 seconds or less) wasn’t enough to preview all three videos, and not even really enough time to really skim through even just to get the real gist or digest of one of the videos let alone all three…

So the use of word “scary” here was entirely misplaced an unwarranted but perhaps also intentional and cunningly devious in its design. It was to start the process of embedding and name dropping adjectives so that later on she could cling back to them in an effort to somehow try to “prove” or falsely justify that she was progressively “scared off” all along and also to cast the true victim she is exploiting as the guilty scary perpetrator who should be blamed.

So already here, less than just 4 hours after receiving the $300 upfront money to agree to proceed with the passport/vax application/process in order to go on an international trip, she was already planting the seeds of excuses that she will later call back on to use as her easy way out, to conjure up some semblance of so-called ostensible “good cause” for her to back out without seemingly like it was her fault, and without having to volunteer to return the money or refund any portions that were given upfront to her in good faith.

But just to reassure her, I follow up immediately by asking if she has ever done travel partner thing before, to which she back that she has not. Then I ask in terms of pros vs cons, what might be some of the concerns she might have so that I could see if I can address or clarify at least some of her questions or concerns prior to meeting up at the mall on Saturday.

She replies back that she didn’t have any concerns that she could think of at the moment and wanted to wait until Saturday at the mall to discuss more… so I ask her if she can bring some photocopies of some of her documents in case she needs my help this weekend to fill out some of the forms at the mall, and I told her that I would bring a laptop with me and including a backpack etc…

She cannot retroactively say that it was because of “concerns” that she felt uncomfortable meeting up at the mall because when previously asked if she had any concerns that needed to be answered, clarified or otherwise addressed before the upcoming Saturday lunch meeting at the mall she in fact stated she had no concerns and that she would rather prefer to wait until after we were at the mall to continue further discussions etc. The only problem with this narrative is that she never actually showed up at the mall, and furthermore never once attempted to contact me back whether via email, or from on the WhatsYourPrice website, or by phone call or through text messages to let me know she wasn’t going to be coming.

By texting “See you Saturday” and never once following up with anything that would suggest to the contrary or that situations or circumstances had changed on her end, and by also stating she had no concerns and then explicitly deferring to the upcoming Saturday meeting in which to continue further talks, she herself created the expectation that she would be going to the mall to met up for lunch on Saturday unless otherwise specifically stated that was had changed of plans or that she wasn’t going to be attending.

The next day at around noon (Wednesday) I remind her to call up some passport agency places to schedule some appointments to which she replies that they are all booked until December 6th. I told her that the online thing isn’t accurate, and that if she would call the sites individually they would have much more timeslots etc (I found this out myself when I had to renew my own US passport earlier this year) and then she said that she was at the gym and will make some calls after she gets home. I wished her a good workout and she sends me a smiley. That was at 12:17pm Wednesday Nov 10th 2021, and that was the last time she would be in contact with me again until after I got stood up and threatened to sue her.

Five hours later, that same evening around 5:05PM, I sent her a question asking her what she would do in a hypothetical scenario… She would later retroactively say that I “scared her off” but this question was entirely hypothetical and was neither offensive nor insulting nor scary. Sure it might not have been relevant in terms of discussions about traveling together, and I could even see how she might have had the inference that I asked that question because I could have been in trouble with the law or may be potentially about to serve time etc… however she never asked me to clarify, she never told me that she didn’t wish to answer, and she never stated anything that would have let me know it was making her scared or uncomfortable…. After I posed this hypothetical question (Wednesday at 5PM) I never hear from her again and she never writes to me again… 

The question in full is here:

“Andrea, say hypothetically you were in a loving relationship as a girlfriend or wife, and then the guy you were with got locked up, for the sake of argument pretend it was a wrongful conviction but he got a long prison sentence without parole possibility. if you had to say, what would be your absolute upper limit that you couldn’t wait around faithfully for? 6 months? a year? two? five? ten? etc…..”

I decided not to bother her after not hearing back the rest of Wednesday, and all throughout Thursday I noticed she was online and active on the WhatsYourPrice website, she even uploaded a new main profile photo. On Friday she doesn’t write back. Friday night she was also active on WhatsYourPrice. Even Saturday morning at 11AM (one hour prior to when we were set to meet up at the Galleria mall for lunch and discussions) she was still “green” and online active status on the WhatsYourPrice website…

I show up at the mall and she wasn’t there… She never emailed me to ask me if I was or wasn’t coming, she never texted me to tell me she wasn’t coming… she never wrote back to me at all after the question I asked her at 5PM that Wednesday…

It was only AFTER I came back home after getting stood up and then finding out that her entire account disappeared that I messaged her back stating that if she had scammed me that I would have grounds to sue her. Prior to that moment (before I got stood up and before I found out her WhatsYourPrice account was deleted/removed immediately after I came back home from getting stood up etc) I had not mentioned a single word about any lawsuit.

So she cannot use the fact that I said I would sue her as an excuse to say she was “scared away” when in fact she already ghosted me on or shortly after 5PM Wednesday, merely less than 24 hours after she got the $300 upfront from me! (I cashapp’d her the $300 less than a day before that at 5:40PM Tuesday)

To be it bluntly, I believe she used “scared”, “scared away” and “scared off” as an excuse and as a clutch. If she was truly so “scared” why did she not immediately offer to return the $300 upfront that I had paid her on Tuesday instead of going radio silent from Wednesday at noon all the way to Saturday afternoon until I messaged her again after I got stood up and then came home to see her profile on WYP suddenly disappeared? I paid her upfront, I went to the mall and showed up but she did not show up… and she did not use the money I gave her for the intended and agreed upon purpose. And then when I finally confronted her about all of this, instead of apologizing for standing me up, she turned it around and not only blamed me for not “confirming” with her that morning but also said that SHE felt that SHE was the one being “scammed”! (And later when I called her on the phone, she simply yelled “F–K YOU!!!” and angrily hung up on me and then promptly blocked my phone number.)

Had I never messaged her, she was just going to disappear with the $300 (after doing a no-show and immediately deleting her profile on WYP afterwards) and that would have been the end of it. Then when the dust settles down after a couple weeks/months she would sign back up on WhatsYourPrice and start all over again…

Last night, she messaged me that she would return the money if I deleted the website. On first glance this seems reasonable except she technically owed me the money anyway regardless of whether or not I agreed removed the website. It wasn’t a real negotiation because if she didn’t spend that money on applying for a US passport, then likely she already used it for some other reason. This is why she couldn’t immediately return the money and had to wait a bit. Also, applying for the US passport costs around $240, it does not cost a full $300. So why wouldn’t she just use it to apply for a passport for herself, have some free money (maybe $60) left over to spend on whatever, and then just show me the receipt and that would have been the end of it? My belief is that she did NOT have an original US birth certificate with her to use for applying for the US passport. Maybe she was undocumented or illegal, or maybe she wasn’t even a US citizen in the first place!

Whatever the case, she is now hiding behind “scared” as merely an excuse to shift blame from herself onto me as if I was the one in the wrong who scared her away… This is all but too easy to do in the “Me Too” era… But in the final analysis it has become more and more clear to me that she never would have gone all the way through with the visit to Spain as travel partners anyway! Likely she was enticed by the free money, and was always going to come up with some excuse or another anyway for why she couldn’t or didn’t want to go through with it…..